[Modifier] Comprendre Qom est l'un des villes les plus saintes de l'Iran et le Moyen-Orient et est ancrée dans des siècles d'histoire. It was caused by the refusal of the caliph Al-Ma'mun to lower the yearly tax assessment as he had done in Ray. After Russian forces entered Karaj in 1915, many of the inhabitants of Tehran moved to Qom due to reasons of proximity, and the transfer of the capital from Tehran to Qom was even discussed. They shed new light on the time of the seizure of power by the first Sasanian king Ardashir I, who fought his decisive battles near Qom,[28] and the collapse of the Sasanian empire, which is extensively reported by Ebn Aʿṯam Kufi and the Nehāyat al-Erab and names a certain Šērzād as the satrap of the region. [39] In 881–82 Qom was occupied by the Turkish military leader Edgu Tegin (Arabic: Yadkutakin b. Asātakin or Aḏkutakin), who tried to collect the tax arrears for seven years which partially ruined the guarantors (some of whom are known) of these taxes. ", "Cries of 'hold me back' may lead Israel to strike Iran", "Qom Concerned over New Intelligence Appointments", List of cities, towns and villages in Qom Province, Traditional Persian residential architecture, Traditional water sources of Persian antiquity, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Qom&oldid=994128714, Pages with non-numeric formatnum arguments, Articles lacking reliable references from February 2017, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing Persian-language text, Articles with incomplete citations from February 2017, Articles with unsourced statements from January 2016, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2009, Articles needing additional references from January 2016, All articles needing additional references, Pages using multiple image with auto scaled images, Articles with incomplete citations from September 2018, Wikipedia articles with MusicBrainz area identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Finalement, en 1793, Qom passa sous le contrôle de Agha Mohammad Chah. The most stable period seem to have been the 14 years (513–27/1119–33) when Qom lay in Sanjar's sphere of power and witnessed the construction of a second Friday mosque. 22–23, 32, 37, 61, 62, 69–71, 74, 77, 82, 90, 137–38, Qomi, pp. [48], Qom was then in a difficult economical and social position. The Minarets Of Risbaf Historical Factory, Astaneh Moqaddaseh Museum (Qom Central Museum), The University Of Religions & Denominations, Computer Research Center of Islamic Sciences, This page was last edited on 14 December 2020, at 05:49. Vivre dans la ville sainte de Qom. Authority for the city lies with the mayor, who is elected by a municipal board. It remains unclear who the defenders of Qom were; probably fleeing Sasanian nobles and local soldiers returning from the great battles against the Arabs formed the core of the resistance. Pendant son règne, le shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi a voulu faire de Qom une ville industrielle en exploitant les nappes de pétrole de cette région. The revolt was led by an Ashaari named Yahya ibn Emran, maintaining that taxes should not be paid to an unlawful ruler. The Kurds lived in the countryside to the west. A Qom, ville sainte iranienne, la modernité bouscule "en surface" Lire l'article complet. Institut de recherche Hawzeh va Daneshgah, Centre de recherche informatique des sciences islamiques, Qom, Institut d'éducation et de recherche Imam Khomeini, Grand Ayatollah Haj Sayyed Musa Shebiri Zanjani, Ayatollah Haj Sayyed Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi, Ayatollah Sayyed Hasan Taheri Khurram-Abadi, Ayatullah Haj Sheikh Ali Panah Ishtihardi, Ayatollah sheikh Muhammad Reza Mahdavi Kani, Ayatollah Haj Sheikh Ismail Salehi Mazandarani. 2 / 4. [50], Altogether the state of cultivation in Qom seems to have resembled that of the other regions of Persia, although the thirty different crops and plants are only indirectly mentioned in connection with the tax assessments. Qom, ville, Province de Qom, … Additionally some fine tiles are known from this period. The shrine of Fatimeh Masumeh, the sister of Imam Reza, is located in this city, which is considered by Shiʿa Muslims holy. 38, 106–110, 120, 125, 135; Drechsler, pp. La liste suivante est une liste de Grands Ayatollahs et des ayatollahs de plus haut niveau à Qom (ou directement reliés à Qom). L'Organisation de l'héritage culturel d'Iran liste 195 sites historiques à Qom. Lire la suite: Agence France-Presse » Pendant le califat de Omar ibn al-Khattâb, la région de Qom tomba aux mains des armées de l'Islam. Cette ville très ancienne, construite au bord de la rivière éponyme, compte plus d’un million d’habitants. Touch the room name for details, inclusions, occupancy and minimum stay Qom (Persian: قم‎ [ɢom] (listen)) is the seventh largest metropolis[3] and also the seventh largest city in Iran. 148–54, Qomi, pp. Synonymes de "Ville sainte au Proche-Orient": Synonyme Nombre de lettres Definition; Hebron: 6 lettres: Autres synonymes possibles. Les représentants de l'Iran estiment que cette usine n'est pas illégale (l'AIEA n'imposant, selon les responsables iraniens du nucléaire, une déclaration du site que 180 jours avant l'introduction de matériel radioactif). 69–74, Qomi, pp. Conveniently located in the Lavender district, Harbour Ville Hotel Hamilton offers accommodation away from the hustle and bustle of Singapore’s city centre. Select from premium Qom of the highest quality. Iran's Cultural Heritage Organization lists 195 sites of historical and cultural significance in Qom. Khaosan Tokyo Kabuki is a cozy hostel in the middle of Asakusa . Si cette ville vous intéresse veuillez contacter alors à l’agence de voyage en Iran, Iran Destination. [44], No outstanding events are reported for the relatively stable political period until 988–89, but Qom seems to have been isolated inside Persia because of its Shia creed. — The mayor of Windsor, Ont., has apologized for breaking COVID-19 rules when dining out with seven other people last week. Qom must have expanded during this period, but precise reasons for its prosperity are not known. Un vendeur iranien dans sa boutique de vêtements, dans la ville sainte de Qom, à 130 km au sud de la capitale Téhéran, le 15 janvier 2019. Située à 150 km au sud-ouest de Téhéran, c'est la capitale de la Province de Qom. 23, 26–27, 32, 35–40, 42, 60, 167, 214, 216; Saʿidniā, pp. [37], The move of a Hadith transmitter from Kufa to Qom, which took place probably in the middle of the 9th century, indicates the increased importance of Qom as a center of Shia learning. S'abonner à la Newsletter FranceSoir. 35, 157–58, 163, 215; Najāši, pp. During his governorship important Alids moved to Qom and there are references to close contacts between the representative of the 11th Shia's Imam, Hassan al-Askari, in Qom and other Qomis. 167–68; Bayhaqi, pp. A bazaar and bathhouses must have existed, too, as well as certain administrative buildings (prison, mint). [43] In the years 301/913–14 to 315/927 the people of Qom had, besides another tax assessment (meanwhile the eighth), a caliphal intervention that resulted in the appointment of a governor to stabilize the administrative grip over the region. [7] Qom is also famous for a Persian brittle toffee known as sohan (Persian: سوهان), considered a souvenir of the city and sold by 2,000 to 2,500 "sohan" shops. Au jour d’aujourd’hui, la ville compte bien 52 écoles de théologie, enveloppées d’une aura à la fois séraphique et martiale. But in 833 Ali returned to the post of governor (wali) and forcefully collected tax debts that were laid upon him by the caliph. 70–71; Nehāyat al-erab, p. 179; Widengren, pp. Two Friday mosques seem to have existed in Seljuk times: the old one was renovated and a new one, located outside of the town area, was built in 528/1133–34 by the order of Sultan Togrel II (Persian: سلطان طغرل دوم). Nokia said on Tuesday mobile operator Proximus Luxembourg has selected the Finnish telecom network equipment company for a seven-year deal to supply 5G coverage nationwide. Dans le pays, ils représentent la source de la légitimité du pouvoir. Les femmes viennent toucher les parois du sanctuaire pour obtenir bonheur conjugal et fécondité. 67–68, 71–73; Boyle, pp. Qom Qom est une ville sainte entre Téhéran et Ispahan. At about the same time the early orthodox Shias achieved their victory in the town. It is not exactly clear why they migrated, but it might have also been a general opposition to the Umayyad dynasty. Le séminaire de Qom comprend de nombreux séminaires (hawza) situés dans la ville : Les séminaires reçoivent quelque 70 000 élèves. Qom, comme toute ville sainte, est empreinte de spiritualité, et cela peut être pesant par moment. Yahya was killed by troops sent by the caliph and the citizens were severely punished; the taxes were raised from 2 million to 7 million dirhams. Buy Avoir vingt ans au pays des ayatollahs : Vivre dans la ville sainte de Qom by Farhad Khosrokhavar, Amir Nikpey (ISBN: 9782221110898) from Amazon's Book … A central element was the early contact with the leading local Zoroastrian Persian noble Yazdanfadar. 109–10, 217–18; Drechsler, pp. Qom is a focal center of the Shiʿah. Between 839–42 two contradicting tax assessments were carried out under turbulent circumstances which amounted to a sum of 5 million dirhams. Qom est près de Téhéran, dont la distance est aussi loin que 120 kilomètres. Jews must have lived in Qom as well, but information on them is scant. 42, 75–76, 93; Najāši, p. 276; Biruni, p. 228; Ebn Saʿd, VII, p. 382; Samʿāni, X, p. 486; Modarresi Ṭabāṭabāʾi, 1971, pp. 6 février 2019 à 5:07 AM. At about the same time another military attack on the city occurred in 254/868, when Mofleḥ, the Turkish officer of the caliph Al-Mostaʿin, executed some of its inhabitants because of the city's refusal to pay taxes. Qom (Persian: قم ‎ ()) is the seventh largest metropolis and also the seventh largest city in Iran. EMD built No.60-900 from 1976 at Qom station in November 2005 Return to the Iran Gallery Index page Beirut (AsiaNews) – Iran will soon inform the International Atomic Energy Agency of a... www.apersianrug.com More examples: www.jozan.com TURKISH Hereke Saba Qom FC Qom Qom est la deuxième ville sainte du pays. Viaggiare per il mondo: sito dedicato ai viaggi di Marco Cavallini, con fotografie, racconti di viaggio, film e proverbi dal sud del mondo. A family of Ḥosaynid Alids was influential and provided a number of community leaders. 28, 73–74, Balāḏori, pp. Mais les Britanniques et les Russes influèrent sur ce projet en mettant la pression sur Ahmad Chah Qadjar. of days with precipitation equal to or greater than 1 mm in Ghom by Month 1986–2010", "No. Morte et enterrée à Qom, très pieuse elle sera vénérée comme sainte, car dans l’Islam, c’est la tradition pour les femmes parentes d’un des imams duodécimains. 194–98, Qomi, pp. Elle est située le long de la rivière Qom. WINDSOR, Ont. à Khorasan. La Mecque (Arabie saoudite), ville la plus sainte de l'islam. Mercredi, 16 décembre 2020 – Pour faire suite aux recommandations et directives prononcées par le gouvernement du Québec, la Ville de Saint-Césaire ferme l’accès au public à l’hôtel de Ville jusqu’au 10 janvier 2021 inclusivement. A stunning diversity of taxes is known (often meant to serve the ever greedy Abbasid bureaucracy and the Deylamid and Buyid war machinery) but the Karaj (land tax), which was composed of many different separate sums, was the most important single tax existing in Qom at least since post-Sasanian times. [4] Qom is the capital of Qom Province. But the more visited sites of Qom are: Qom is well known for its many religious seminaries and institutes that offer advanced religious studies, which made this city the largest center for Shia scholarship in the world. Son centre théologique (où les musulmans chiites viennent suivre les leçons de leurs maîtres : les ayatollahs) et le mausolée de Hazrat Ma'sumeh sont les caractéristiques essentielles de la capitale de la province de Qom. There is almost no information about madrasas. 48, 53–56, 76–77, 87–88, 107–08, 112–13, 119–22, 167, 174–76, 244, 251; Ebn Ḥawqal, p. 342; Ebn al-Faqih; pp. Two years later the taxes were again raised by 700,000 dirham by the Ashaari governor Ali ibn Isa, who was subsequently deposed because he was strongly rejected by the inhabitants of Qom. [citation needed], As a center of religious learning Qom fell into decline for about a century from 1820 to 1920, but had a resurgence when Shaykh Abdul Karim Haeri Yazdi accepted an invitation to move from Sultanabad (now called Arak, Iran), where he had been teaching, to Qom. This has to be attributed to difficult social circumstances and excessive taxation. 538, 542; Ḥamd-Allāh Mostawfi, 1919, pp. Bibliothèque Mar'ashi Najafi, contenant plus de 500 000 manuscrits et copies. Qom s’est profondément transformée depuis 1964, date à laquelle Khomeyni prononçait, de la ville sainte, des sermons enflammés contre le régime impérial du chah. Les 40 ans de la révolution en Iran. Its theological center and the Fatima Masumeh Shrine are prominent features of Qom. [11] The number of seminary schools in Qom is now over fifty, and the number of research institutes and libraries somewhere near two hundred and fifty.[11]. 192–93, Yaʿqubi, pp. EN DIRECT - Les derniers articles en temps réel >> Newsletter. Five bigger and eight smaller roads indicate good traffic connections, which were supported by at least three or maybe even nine city gates. Cahiers Internationaux de Sociologie 127:359 (2009) Abstract This article has no associated abstract. 28–29, 31, 34, 38–39, 42, 56–59, 101–90, 242, 253, 262; Balāḏori, p. 314; Yaʿqubi, p. 274; Ebn al-Faqih, pp. Après avoir été victorieux sur ses ennemis, le Shah Kadjar Fath Ali Chah Qadjar fit réparer le sépulcre et le mausolée de Hazrat Ma'sumeh, tel qu'il en avait fait le vœu. 78–91, Qomi, pp. Although there were attempts at restoration in 371/981–82, only three of originally twenty-one channels had flowing water which meant enough drinking water was supplied for the population, but the available amount could not have been adequate for agricultural purposes. Qom has seminaries for women and some non-Shia students. 26, 37–38; Modarresi Ṭabāṭabāʾi, 1976, II, pp. Photo MOHAMMAD ALI MARIZAD / AFP / Getty Images. Beginning in 316/928 Qom fell into the sphere of interest of Daylami warlords and was relieved from the direct authority of the caliph, although it changed hands several times between 928 and 943. Nokia is replacing China's Huawei, according to a source familiar with the matter. Fātimah bint Mūsā died while following her brother to Khorasan, a region in northern Iran. 1092–93, 1102, 1106, 1111; Modarresi Ṭabāṭabāʾi, 1983, p. 166; Drechsler, pp. Its true function is still a matter of dispute, but the contributions by Wolfram Kleiss point to a Parthian palace that served as a station on the nearby highway and was used until Sasanian times.[20]. Les plus hauts clercs du chiisme résident dans la ville sainte iranienne. Twenty years later, reconstruction and repair works, probably sponsored by some wealthy inhabitants, were being done on the mausoleums of Shia saints in the city, which contradict those sources, such as Ḥamd-Allāh Mostawfi, that describe Qom as a ruined and depopulated city throughout the Ilkhanid period. En 645, Abou Moussa al-Achari déploya des forces sous son commandement dans la région. A Qom, ville sainte iranienne, ... Si la bâtisse n'a guère changé, la ville de Qom s'est profondément transformée depuis 1964. Qom est près de Téhéran, dont la distance est aussi loin que 120 kilomètres. Qom gained additional prosperity when oil was discovered at Sarajeh near the city in 1956 and a large refinery was built between Qom and Tehran. [52], Little is known about the time until the period of Seljuki dominance. 31, 101–02, 164, 213–14; Ebn Bābuya, II, p. 271; Modarresi Ṭabāṭabāʾi 1976, I, p. 18; Drechsler, pp. [47], The city's topography in the 10th century still reflected the evolutionary merging of the original six villages; these were still separated by fields. 1 / 4. LONDON — A news and photography agency has agreed not to take pictures of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and their son, Archie, the High Court in London was told at a hearing Friday.The agreement is part of a settlement between the former Meghan Markle and U.K. company Splash News and Picture Agency of a case she filed in March over photos of her and her son taken in a Canadian … 52; Hakemi, pp. S'y trouve la Ka'aba, vers laquelle se dirigent les prières, centre du Hajj. Située à Qom, en Iran, la mosquée Fatima al-Ma'sumah est parfois considérée comme le troisième sanctuaire le plus saint de l'islam chiite. Madāʾen) and consisted of several villages and little towns with Abaraštejān, Mamajjān and Jamkarān as the bigger settlements that were loosely connected by defense installations. Après la révolution iranienne, il s'installe à Téhéran. Qom, ville sainte. 214, 219–220; Modarresi Ṭabāṭabāʾi, 1971, p. 117; idem, 1976, I, p. 18; Drechsler, pp. [34], As the Arabs required a great deal of pasture for their large herds of cattle and were much wealthier than the local Persians, they slowly started to buy land and take over more villages. Qom est l'une des villes les plus saintes de l'Iran et du Moyen-Orient et est ancrée dans des siècles d'histoire. The Twelver Shia constituted the great majority of the population and many important Shia scholars of the time came from Qom or lived there. A Qom, ville sainte iranienne, la modernité bouscule "en surface" Quarante ans ont passé mais l'emprise de la Révolution islamique reste très forte à Qom, capitale religieuse de l'Iran, même si les signes d'une certaine modernité se multiplient dans la ville, comme un défi lancé au clergé chiite. The surrounding area to the east of Qom is populated by Tafresh, Saveh, and Ashtian and Jafarieh. 140–45, Qomi, pp. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Hozeye-Elmiye-Qom est la plus grande école de théologie en Iran. Comprendre []. Mausolée de Fatimah al-Ma‘sumah à Qom, en Iran. As many as 331 male Alids lived in Qom in 988–89, and they produced a good number of community leaders and there is also mention of one prominent female ʿAlid besides Fātimah bint Mūsā. There are nearly three hundred thousand clerics in Iran's seminaries. 422–33; Mostawfi, pp. The names of those involved have survived. 151–53, 155–56, 158–59; Drechsler, pp. The information in the Tāriḵ-e Qom on taxation also mention by name 21 tax districts (rasātiq) in the region with 900 villages. The air-conditioned rooms are equipped with a flat-screen TV and en-suite bathroom.The property is 300m from Bendemeer MRT Station and 650m from Lavender MRT Station. Proche de Téhéran, Qom en tire certains avantages[Lesquels ?]. Mais pendant la période de règne des Qara Qoyunlu, des Aq Qoyunlu et spécialement pendant l'époque Safavide, Qom regagna l'attention des monarques et se développa grâce à son mausolée religieux. In the same year, Berun destroyed a big and probably still active fire temple located on the territory of the evolving city and probably opposite today's sanctuary of Fātimah bint Mūsā. À cette période, un "Comité de défense nationale" fut mis en place à Téhéran, et Qom se transforma en foyer de la contestation contre les puissances coloniales britannique et russe. Les découvertes architecturales indiquent que Qom était un lieu de résidence depuis le 5e millénaire avant notre ère. We will do our best to have your room ready. Qom en tant que ville existait déjà à l'époque pré-islamique. L'architecture Islámica, l'intérieur du tombeau,Fatima Masuma,ville sainte,Qom, Iran L'architecture islamique. [21] Besides Khurha, which is already mentioned as Khor Abad at Qomi in the 9th century, the region has turned up a few other remnants from this epoch, including the four Parthian heads found near Qom, now kept in the National Museum of Iran in Tehran. Source: Iran Meteorological Organization (records). All Categories; Metaphysics and Epistemology Check in: Check-in time is 3:00pm.Let us know your arrival time in case you require an earlier check in. 160–64, Ṭabari, III, p. 2284, tr., XXXVIII, pp. 232–41, 308–12, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Major Agglomerations of the World - Population Statistics and Maps", "On Persian pilgrimages, Pakistanis and Indians reconnect with Iran", "Census of the Islamic Republic of Iran, 1385 (2006)", The holy city of Qom is the pole of Shia world. These Ashaaries originated in Yemen and the first important figure among them was the first conqueror of the area of Qom, the above-mentioned Abu Musa Ashaari. In 418/1027–28, Qom fell under the rule of Šahryuš from the Kakuyid dynasty and a few years later (1030–40) it became part of the Ghaznavid domain. XXXVII, p. 78; Qomi, pp. At the same time, the Fatima sanctuary was enlarged and the number of sayyeds residing in Qom reached a considerable number. There were about eight squares whose function is not clear and three mosques within the city. The municipal central office is located on Saheli Street. of days with snow or sleet in Ghom by Month 1986–2010", "Monthly total sunshine hours in Ghom by Month 1986–2010", Iran: Provinces and Cities population statistics, "Iran Reports Its First 2 Cases of the New Coronavirus", Russia 'regrets' reported Iran nuclear activity in Qom facility, "Iran enriching uranium at Fordo plant near Qom", "Did Santorum Suggest Iran Wants Nukes to Bring Back Messiah? À l'heure actuelle, de nombreux hauts dignitaires religieux de classement de l'islam chiite à Qom vivent. La ville, fondée au début du VIII e siècle par des Arabes chiites de Kufa, hostiles au califat des Sunnites, s'impose progressivement avec Rayy et Kashan comme l'un des grands pôles religieux du pays. Nel 1615 Samuel de Champlain ebbe l'idea di una nuova città sul fiume San Lorenzo, al fine di promuovere la religione cattolica fra gli indiani della Nuova Francia.I francesi vi si insediarono tuttavia soltanto il 17 maggio 1642, quando un gruppo di sacerdoti, religiose e coloni della società Notre-Dame de Montréal, guidati da Paul Chomedey de Maisonneuve, fondarono il villaggio di Ville-Marie. It is situated on the banks of the Qom River. [63] However, attacking a nuclear facility so close to a city considered so holy in Shia Islam brings concern of a potential risk of a Shiite religious response. Avec plus de 100 000 étudiants en sciences religieuses, elle est également devenue un centre de savoir religieux qui s’est développé à partir des années 1920, puis après l’avènement de la République islamique. [citation needed], "Qum" redirects here. A highly differentiated tax administration existed and is known in great detail; 24 tax collectors (ʿommāl) are listed from 189/804–05 to 371/981–82 plus two jahabaḏa who acted as mediators after the attempt to enforce collective responsibility by the taxpayers had failed. 271, 743–45, Ebn Aʿṯam, I, p. 201, II, pp. La troisième ville, qui dépasse les 2 millions d'habitants est une ville sainte chiite iranienne ' la ville aux mille visages' : Ispahan Qom Mashhad. 34–35, 37; Drechsler, pp. À 150 km au sud de la capitale, vous arrivez dans la ville sainte de Qom. Mais, avant de devenir la ville sainte ṣafawide, Qom était surtout renommée pour ses écoles théologiques et pour la nature turbulente de ses habitants (refus de payer l'impôt, conflit avec Ispahan, etc.). The majority of these non-Muslims were Zoroastrians, who made their living mostly as farmers. 833, 841; Bosworth, 1968, pp. The city walls were probably rebuilt and, moreover, four graves of saints are known to have been constructed between 720/1301 and 1365. Summer weather is very hot and essentially rainless, whilst in winter weather can vary from warm to – when Siberian air masses are driven south across the Elburz Mountains by blocking over Europe – frigid. With the firm establishment of Buyids control from 340/951–52 on, the political circumstances were less troubled than before, although the economic situation deteriorated. [30] Altogether one can assume that Qom functioned as a small administrative unit throughout the whole Sasanian era. Cette section est vide, insuffisamment détaillée ou incomplète. La situation de la ville Qom est entre Téhéran et Ispahan alors la majorité des voyageurs la visitent sur cette route. In these unstable political times, Qom was visited by the vizier of Al-Moʿtazed, Obayd-Allah ibn Solayman, and two tax assessments were organized. Quarante ans ont passé mais l'emprise de la Révolution islamique reste très forte à Qom, capitale religieuse de l'Iran, même si les signes d'une certaine modernit. 208–19, ʿAbd-al-Jalil Qazvini, pp. 15 Grands Ayatollahs y prêchent, certains d’entre eux … [58], In 1964–65, before his exile from Iran, the Ayatollah Khomeini led his opposition to the Pahlavi dynasty from Qom. Another important Shia family was that of the Daʿwidār (Persian: دعوی‌دار), whose members were judges (Arabic: قاضی) in town, which indicates the transformation of Qom from a town governed by the Sunnis to a completely Shai domain. 315, 342; Ṭusi, pp. Durant l'invasion Mongole de la Perse, la ville connut une destruction importante, mais après que la dynastie mongole régnante, aussi connue sous le nom Ilkhanat, se fut convertie à l'Islam pendant le règne de Oldjaïtou (en persan : Muhammed Kharbenach) la ville reçut une attention spéciale, lui permettant de revivre une fois de plus. 198–207, Qomi, pp. Située à 150 km au sud-ouest de Téhéran, c'est la capitale de la province de Qom. Dans la mosquée où repose Fatimah Ma'sumeh, sœur du huitième Imam, morte il y a douze siècles, les gardiens de sa châsse l'aspergent d'eau de rose du matin au soir.